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Primary spine care since 1989

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Here in this blog we set out to answer the very common question of “How many visits will it take?” Read on to find out more. It's written in a creative format and we're hoping it helps get to the point! Let us know what you think.

Preston chiropractors treat low back pain with effective manual therapy

We often get asked this question. Of course you want to know

How long before there’s less pain,

More movement

And ultimately a better quality of everyday life!

So, let’s talk about your path of recovery. 



Some of us have one condition, others are living with multiple conditions

How it affects our life is unique to us


We all experience pain differently

Chiropractors are trained to navigate through the variables of symptoms and your unique medical history.


Image of a sunlit path metaphor for local chiropractors at Chiropractic Associates help you on your pathway of recovery

How long have you had your problem?

You will know how long you have had your back pain

And that is a significant indicator to your Chiropractor to evaluate if your pain is





What does Acute mean?

Your pain is new 

It has been there for 6 weeks or less

Bending and lifting injuries are common causes of acute back pain 

Acute cases often get better over 3 to 4 weeks and usually with two treatments a week

Then together we will review and support your spinal health with

occasional check-ups and, most importantly - self-care.


Young blonde lady looks off into sunset free from pain with the help of preston chiropractors

What do Sub-acute and Chronic mean?

Sub-acute - you’ve been experiencing pain for 6 to 12 weeks

Chronic - the pain has been there for more than 12 weeks

There is usually something causing the pain to be prolonged

Sometimes for years

We’ll closely examine all the factors that may be contributing to this.


We Help With

Field of colourful flowers

A bespoke package of care that

Includes gentle and effective manual therapy


Helps you to build self-reliance,

Teaches you self-management and forms achievable goals on the path to recovery.


A course of care often takes 3-4 weeks with treatment twice a week. 

After this, sometimes patients want to check in every few months.

We call this Supportive Care.


The Ultimate Goal

To regain and maintain:


Quality of life


Give you strategies to continue to thrive!


Final Words

Happy and healthy woman floating with umbrella with colourful background behind living a good life“How many visits will it take” is a question with

Multiple answers


Depends on many factors


When you visit us

You will receive a care plan that is unique to you to acheive your goals

We will never ask you to sign up to any form of onerous or financially committing long term plan.


Book yourself or loved one an appointment today! We want to help. 


Wishing you good health and happiness,

Jacqui & Jon


*Evidence-informed clinical experience has shown us that a typical course of care usually consists of six to eight chiropractic treatments over a course of 3-4 weeks integrated with focussed self-management and or in-house rehabilitation.



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