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In light of the Prime Minister's announcement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic this evening, 23/03/2020, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close Chiropractic Associates, established 1989.

We will continue to help those who need our care by phone or video link.

We will help our vulnerable neighbours and assist the NHS in our community where needed. We look forward to working again with our skilled team for the benefit of those suffering back pain, neck pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Wishing you the best of health and hope to see you again soon!

Your spinal health is key to our Preston chiropractic practiceOur practice is here for your relief of pain, stress, and uncertainty of your condition. We have no doubt knowledge is power. Our purpose at Chiropractic Associates is to help you identify your pain, and supply you with the chiropractic understanding and ability to select the best course of care for your pain relief. If you suffer with spine pain or spine-related pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain or low back pain, you are not alone. One in 3 people in the U.S. suffers back pain at any given time, and studies show that 80% of Preston residents will suffer back pain at some time in their lives. Spine pain robs you of your quality of life, and when it does, you want and have the right to get your pain-free life back as gently, effectively, and quickly as possible. We can help. 
Celebrating 30 years in Lancashire!
Use our website as a primary source to understanding your spine function and its pain-producing problems as well as our non-surgical, gentle, effective, research-documented chiropractic treatment solution, Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression, for your pain alleviation. Together we can fulfill our mutual goal - returning you to the best spinal health possible by a personalized and comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan. Your spine treatment and back pain relief are key to you successfully regaining your quality of life …and central to our Preston chiropractic practice. To find out more about our services and programs, contact Chiropractic Associates today.